Jeep Wrangler YJ Door Lock "Snap Caps" protectors - Painted




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Only we can improve the Original "Snap Caps", these are Pre-Painted. We have taken the need to keep covering in plastic protectant but spraying these in a black satin paint. They will not only cover the ugly chrome, protect your door locks, but they keep looking good with no maintenance from you.

Don't be fooled by inferior products, that are held on with adhesive. Get "Snap Caps" and be protected.

Are you tired of getting snow/ice/dirt/mud in your door locks when on the trail or extreme conditions? Shiny lock getting you down, these will give that custom look you desire. These will fit the Wrangler YJ.

These lock covers press fit over the locks and give you a clean black look to match the door handles. Whether you have auto or manual locks we got your back.
Our manual design has a hole in the center to easily insert the key, though they do not protect you from the elements like our auto lock designed ones but still give you the custom look.

Wrangler YJ's come with 3 pieces to cover front doors and your rear gate. (Rear gate is marked with a "R")

These are custom made in the USA out of ABS plastic.

In case you do need to remove them it would be best to use a plastic trim removal tool to avoid paint damage.

PLEASE NOTE: All 3D Printed items are unique and no two products will be exactly the same. The process of printing layer by layer could many minor cosmetic discrepancies for each item. This process could create minor imperfections. Any posted photos are of final products, though each item may have slight imperfections.

3D Filament colors vary batch to batch (White/Black being the exception for the most part). We try to buy from the same batch numbers and will update photos if colors vary enough that it is needed.

3D process take 2 - 5 days depending on order quantity and if there is any post processing involved. Snap Caps go through a two-part wet sand process to remove print lines and there might be slight imperfections that are easily hid with protectant or paint. We are known for fast shipping times and try to keep stock of all items to meet demand.

If there is something wrong with your order we ask that you contact us before leaving a review, give us the chance to work with you to make it right.

Jeep Wrangler YJ were produced:
Production March 1986 – December 1995
Model years 1987 – 1995