Fits 2011-18 Jeep Wrangler JK CB/MIC/Handheld Radio Dash Mount - No Drill




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Off-roading in our Jeeps is a thrill, and staying connected is key – whether it's for safety or keeping in touch with your trail buddies. When it comes to mounting your mic, there are plenty of options out there, but I wanted to offer something special.

I aimed for a clean and unobtrusive look, keeping your mic at a comfortable height and away from the airbag area. This innovative design utilizes empty space, providing that clean appearance you desire. Plus, the best part? No need for any modifications – you can mount this beauty without breaking a sweat.

Our mount is crafted from durable ABS plastic and incorporates a tongue to provide extra grip for slimmer mic hooks. I designed it with a snug tolerance to minimize movement and vibration.

The color and design seamlessly blend with your Jeeps interior.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of our 3D printed items is a unique creation, so no two products will be exactly alike. The layer-by-layer printing process may result in minor cosmetic differences for each item, but rest assured, the posted photos accurately represent the final products. While slight imperfections may occur, we're here to make things right if there's any issue with your order. Please contact us before leaving a review to give us the chance to work with you.

Simply remove the two chrome hex head bolts from the passenger side grab bar. Remove the trim piece, then remove the two 8mm bolts that hold on the grab bar. Place your new mount on the right side of the grab bar and place the grab bar back in place and secure with the OEM 8mm bolts. then reinstall the trim piece with the two hex head bolts you removed earlier. All done.

Jeep Wrangler JK Production:
🗓️ August 2011–April 27, 2018
🚗 Model years: 2011–2018

*Any Radios pictured are not included in sale. This listing is for mount only.