Jeep Wrangler JK Door Lock "Snap Caps" protectors Rear Only




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Beware of subpar alternatives held in place by adhesives or magnets. Opt for the authentic "Snap Caps" for superior protection. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, we pioneered the Snap-on door lock caps for Jeeps. Our original snap-on design was so effective that others abandoned adhesive solutions to emulate us. Choose the trailblazer!

Are you tired of getting snow/ice/dirt/mud in your door locks when on the trail or extreme conditions? Shiny lock getting you down, these will give that custom look you desire. These will fit the Wrangler JK.

These lock covers press fit over the locks and give you a clean black look to match the door handles. Whether you have auto or manual locks we got your back. 
Our manual design has a hole in the center to easily insert the key, though they do not protect you from the elements like our auto lock designed ones but still give you the custom look.

Our product simplifies front and rear identification with clear labels inside each cap, eliminating guesswork.

1pc for Rear

This item is for your rear gate only. (Rear gate lock is slightly larger and marked "Rear")

These are custom made in the USA out of ABS plastic with a Textured Satin finish.

 In case you do need to remove them it would be best to use a plastic trim removal tool to avoid paint damage.

If there is something wrong with your order we ask that you contact us before leaving a review, give us the chance to work with you to make it right.

Jeep Wrangler JK Production:
🗓️ August 2006–April 27, 2018
🚗 Model years: 2007–2018