ROTO-WRENCH - Rotopax Cap Fuel Can Tool For water & gas cans




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Tired of struggling to open your Rotopax containers?

This handy cap wrench makes it a breeze to loosen or tighten up both your gas and water Rotopax cans.

With high gas prices, save some cash and buy a "combo pack" and get both sizes in the same color.

Choose from two sizes:
Stubby: Perfect for tight spaces
Original: Opens Rotopax and more (wink wink)

Built to Last:
Made from durable ABS plastic
Available in red, black, and yellow

Attach it Anywhere:
Versatile mounting with embedded magnets - attach it anywhere magnetic!
Each wrench has a hole for a 550 cord lanyard (not included)

Important Notes:
Don't overtighten the cap to avoid damaging the gasket and causing leaks.
Designed for standard Rotopax caps, not guaranteed for other brands.
Proudly manufactured in Southern California.

3D Printed Perfection:
This product is 3D printed and may have slight surface variations. These are cosmetic only and don't affect performance.

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