Fits Jeep Wrangler JL/JT CB Radio Dash Mount - No Drill




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We all love to off-road in our Jeeps, and want to stay in touch. Whether it is for emergencies or to your trail buddies, you need easy access. There are plenty of ways you can mount a CB mic so I am not re-inventing the wheel. I wanted a clean look that did not get my mic too high up and closer to the air bag area.

This design allows you to use up some empty space and giving you a clean look. There is no need to grab any tools since you can mount this without them. It incorporates a small lip and you add the double-sided tape of your choice for a secure all weather mount.

This mount is made from ABS plastic, and incorporates a tongue to add a little pressure for slimmer CB mic hooks. I designed the tolerance a little snug so there would be less movement and vibration.

This color and design will fit in nicely with the interior of your Jeep JL/JT.

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